Current Version Version: 1.5.2
Author Kuan Yong
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Description AirCoaster is still the ONLY realistic 3D roller coaster simulator for the iPhone/iPod touch/iPad. If you love roller coasters and thrill rides, this is the app for you! AirCoaster made iLounge's Top 100 Essential iPhone Apps list in 2009 and 2010. The New York Times GadgetWise blog calls AirCoaster "particularly fun to play with." says AirCoaster is "filled with fun ways to interact with the iPad." Take your own roller coasters for "a dizzying first-person ride." AirCoaster has also been featured on, the San Francisco Examiner, and more! AirCoaster brings awesome 3D fun to your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad. Create your own roller coaster tracks with our powerful yet easy to use multitouch 3D track editor. Use 1 finger to rotate, 2 to zoom and pan around, as you nudge and tweak each track segment to create the perfect ride. Once you are done, buckle up and ride your very own roller coaster! AirCoaster's advanced simulation engine lets you create both regular and suspension/inverted roller coasters. Your roller coaster starts and stops at a station, just like in real life. You can even place up to 6 trains on the track at once for the maximum thrill level. Don't want to create your own tracks? Go to the Community tab and download any of over tens of thousands of tracks. Interact with your favorite track creators, write on their walls, follow them, and more! AirCoaster was a Featured App on the app store when the iPad launched and was also selected as a Staff Favorite for the iPad. MORE COOL FEATURES • Fully optimized for the Retina Display. • Includes both the iPad and iPhone/iPod touch versions of the app. • Create both conventional and suspension/inverted roller coasters. • Turn on Sensor Mode for an immersive virtual reality experience. Uses the gyroscope on the iPhone 4 and iPad 2! • Put on your red/blue 3D glasses and ride in full stereoscopic 3D. NOTE TO PARENTS The latest update puts in place measures to prevent users from using the app primarily as a chat app. While some users are very upset by these changes (as you can read in the reviews), we believe this is the right thing to do. We are committed to keeping the AirCoaster community safe for all and making AirCoaster the best roller coaster simulation app for the iPhone.

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