Current Version Version: 1.2
Author Freeverse, Inc.
Price $3.00
Description The all-time favorite pick-up-and-shoot arcade hoop-sinking experience, NBA Hotshot HD, has been optimized for the Apple iPad! Incorporating the responsive and authentic flick-based shooting controls from the iPhone and iPod Touch version, the officially licensed NBA game has updated graphics as well as a new set of WNBA prize balls to win!

Sink the basket to rack up points and grab awards, achievements, and more! Two modes of gameplay make time-racing fans and high score elitists equally happy, and Plus+ integration will have you bragging to your friends and family about your awesome skills.

Have a favorite NBA team? Then dominate the game in their name, collecting their official NBA team basketball and paraphernalia! The amazing physics and fun, flashy graphics will get your heart pumping and your finger flicking. Add this to your Flick Sports collection today!

Features include:
- Classic Mode: race against the clock to climb the high score list
- Three Strikes: precision is the key as you attempt to climb the leaderboards. Choose your shots carefully because it's three-strikes and you're OUT!
- NBA Prize gallery: high scores will help to earn you awesome prizes like actual team balls you can use in-game now with WNBA prize balls
- Plus+ integration allows for a quick and simple way to check leaderboards and achievements as well as compare scores with friends from around the world!

NBA Hotshot... Play BIG or go home!

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