Current Version Version: 1.4
Developer Alex Komarov Inc.
Price $4.00
Filed Under Audio
Age rating 4+
  • iPad


Steve Jobs personally recommended Accordéon in the iPhone OS 4 Keynote on Apr 8th. LEARN HOW TO PLAY YOUR Accordéon A NEW ❤ LEARNING CENTER ❤ After many requests we are adding Learning Center where you can learn how to play popular songs on your Accordéon. The keys you need to press are lit. It's really easy and fun. The following songs are available now and more coming soon: — Happy Birthday Song — Old McDonald Had a Farm — Jingle Bells — Silent Night Easy to learn Accordéon for the iPad takes full advantage of the unique form-factor and multi-touch nature of the device. Use this app to show off your new iPad to your friends! *** The accordion is a box-shaped musical instrument of the bellows-driven free-reed aerophone family, sometimes referred to as a squeezebox. A person who plays the accordion is called an accordionist. *** The accordion is often used in folk music in Europe, North America and South America. It is commonly associated with busking. Some popular music acts also make use of the instrument. Additionally, the accordion is sometimes used in both solo and orchestra performances of classical music. *** Other names: French: Accordéon. Danish: Accordeon. Hungarian & Icelandic: Harmonika. German: Akkordeon. Italian: Fisarmonica. Norwegian: Trekkspill. Polish: Akordeon, harmonia. Russian: Bajan. Swedish: Dragspel American Teenager: Accordian

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