Current Version Version: 1.2.0 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
Author Glasshouse Apps Pty Ltd
Price $5.00
Description ✭ Version 1.2: dramatically faster fetching and overall performance ✭
Finally - your own personal, daily newspaper! The Early Edition takes all of the news sources that you enjoy and presents their content in a format which is familiar, stylish and intuitive.

And now now in 1.1 you can import feeds from Google Reader or OPML file, discover feed URLs by entering web links and even categorize your news feeds into sections, just like a traditional newspaper!

Each time you collect news, articles from your source list are collected and assembled into a daily edition and stored in Archives for later reference.

With The Early Edition you can skim through pages of article teasers or tap a headline to view the article in full screen. And if you want to share a story, the action button lets you copy or email the link or send it to Instapaper for reading later.

If you're someone who checks the news throughout the day, tapping the Fetch button will collect new stories since your last fetch and add them to the front of the paper.

Also new in version 1.1 is the ability to filter articles in more ways, such as:
✭ Last fetch
✭ Today
✭ All dates
✭ Previous editions

The Early Edition really takes advantage of the unique platform that the iPad provides and seamlessly combines what's great about print with what's great about the web.

News sources can be gathered from:
✔ Websites
✔ Blogs
✔ Twitter
✔ Forums
✔ Pretty much anywhere you see an RSS link or symbol online

A big thanks to everyone who has given us feedback and helped us improve and enhance this app. We've got some exciting plans that we'll be implementing over time so please stay tuned!

Twitter: @glasshouseapps

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