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Description ★ Got a new iPad with retina display? Get flickr hd and see your photos in STUNNING quality! The new iPad retina display is fully supported! NEW VERSION SPECIAL - $1.99! Originally $4.99! ★ WINNER of TUAW Best of 2011 Award for iPad photography apps! ★ "PERFECT" - ★ "AWESOME" - ★ "DAILY APP" - ★ "BEST APP" - ★ "THE PERFECT IPAD COMPANION FOR ANYONE USING FLICKR" - ★ #3 in UK, #4 in US OFFICIAL APPLE CHART - TOP PHOTOGRAPHY IPAD APPS! ALSO ON SALE: Weight Loss Month, Morning Motivation, and Daily Motivation! Get them now at big discounts! View your flickr photos in style with flickr hd! ★★★★★ "Top notch photo viewer. Works exactly as promised...a great way to display Flickr photos in their highest definition. Highly recommended." - The Teton guy ★ NEW! Now supports the new iPad's retina display! ★ Displays a new photo from your public flickr photostream, your favourites, or a custom flickr search every minute ★ For a faster display, the app can change photos every 30, 15, or 10 seconds instead of just on the minute - and with Instaswitch™, photos change instantly with no delay... ★ ...or switch off automatic advancing of photos and swipe forward yourself! ★ Can also be used with other people's public flickr photostreams, such as family members ★ Since it uses your public photos, you never have to enter your password, and it will never show private images - it's safe and secure ★ Works with both free and pro flickr accounts ★ Start with the latest photo in your feed - great for viewing photos you've uploaded to flickr but not yet sync'd to your iPad or iPhone ★ ...or start at a random photo and enjoy a trip down memory lane ★ ...or show every photo at random and jump through time! ★ Choose between High Quality HD display and faster data-saving Non-HD quality. HD mode shows your photos in stunning detail on the iPad and on retina displays. Non-HD looks great on older devices and viewed from a distance. ★ Supports VGA and AV out via Apple cables for connecting your iPad to a TV, monitor, or projector! (See below) ★ 12/24 hour digital clocks ★ Change clock size or hide click ★ Choose between 4 background shades for the clock and title of the photo (touch background then the flickr hd logo to change shades), or hide them for complete minimalism! ★ View the original photo page on flickr ★ Share your pics by twitter, facebook, Google+ or mail ★ Save photos to your local photo album for use as wallpapers, Pages, or to edit using another app ★ A fraction of the cost of a dedicated photoframe flickr hd turns your Apple device into a simple and elegant photoframe that looks great next to your keyboard at work, propped up against the sugar bowl in a coffee shop, or sitting in the dock! Get flickr hd now and discover a new way to enjoy your photos! WIFI or 3G connection required (WIFI preferred). This product uses the flickr API but is not endorsed or certified by flickr. If you already own our other app Flickr Photoshow, you don't need to buy flickr hd. Originally the two apps had separate features but we're in the process of merging the features to enhance user experience. Both apps will continue to be updated in parallel to support app owners. Min of 5 photos are required in your public photostream. VGA out: Connect your iPad to a monitor, TV, or projector with Apple's iPad VGA adapter! Apple's AV cables are also supported however resolution is lower and the image may be slightly larger than your TV screen depending on the overscan of your TV. Please choose "Settings -> Video -> Widescreen: ON" for best effect. Only iPad is supported. If the screen image freezes the first time you connect a cable, please quit the application from the multitasking doc

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