Current Version Version: 2.2 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
Author Yusuke sekikawa
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Description Camera for iPad CAMERA-A CAMERA-B

Got No 1 in Photograhy category!

☆Major Version UP! Version 2.1 Has Just Released!!☆

✔Hi-Def picture transfer.
CAMERA-B transfers FULL RESOLUTION!(no resizing) picture to CAMERA-A.
Because picture is Hi-Def,
You can enjoy zoom.
You can use this picture for another image editing APP for iPad.

✔Add storage mode.
Strage Mode:Stops Live view image.Full resolution image is transfer from CAMERA-B to CAMERA-A.Image is automatically saved to iPad.
It saves battery life dramatically.

✔CAMERA-A Support iPod touch and iPhone.
Following combination is available.
1.iPad(CAMERA-A) vs iPhone(CAMERA-B)
2.iPod touch(CAMERA-A) vs iPhone(CAMERA-B)
3.iPhone(CAMERA-A) vs iPhone(CAMERA-B)
✔CAMERA-B get shutter button.
✔Add new joke sound.
✔CAMERA-B Support OS 3.1.2
✔CAMERA-B Support iPhone 3G

★Why Better than other APP?
✔No connection setup. You do not need annoying connection procedure.Just Turn on APP on both device.
✔CAMERA-B is free,It means you can enjoy with your friends's iPhone without extra cost!
✔CAMERA-A B has funny sound and vibration function witch others do not have.

Unfortunately iPad does not have Camera.
✔You wanna take picture with iPad beautiful big screen?
✔Have you ever thought that it would be great if you can see the image from the place you put your camera when taking a picture?

Well, here is a solution!

-How to Use-
It's really simple, just launch CAMERA-A on iPad(or iPhone or iPod touch),and launch CAMERA-B on iPhone.

It automatically connect each other and start transfer live view images from iPhone to iPad.
(Transmission is take place between two devices)
There is also a innovative zoom functionality.
You can pan and tilt a view without moving iPhone.

CAMERA-A and B enables you to view the image of what the camera is pointed at, and at the necessary moment release the shutter to capture the picture.
Therefore, CAMERA-A and B can be applied for doing various photography:

✔Sport Photography – You can set Your camera behind the goal net, at the same time taking photos of the middle field.
✔Nature Photography – You can set Your camera in an open spot, not disturbing wild animals with Your presence.
✔Family photography – You can make snap shots, capturing the moments filled with surprise and naturalness.
✔Aerial photography – CAMERA-A and B may also be useful for AP (where people hang a camera from an aircraft, kite or a mast), as the video feed will allow You to easily see where the camera is pointing.

➠You need free iPhone APP CAMERA-B to use this APP.
➠Turn bluetooth ON on both device,or connect both device to a same WiFi network.

➤If connection problem happens
•Turn off WiFi. The WiFi and Bluetooth radios operate on the same frequency band and share an antenna. Turning off WiFi ensures that the maximum bandwidth is available to the Bluetooth connection.
(Or turn off bluetooth and turn on Wifi.).

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