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Price $3.00
Description Synotes Slate (iPad version) is the note taking and management application for the iPad that syncs with the iPhone, iPod touch and web. It effortlessly syncs your information across devices and into the cloud. Synotes comes with both a stylish web interface and user friendly iPad, iPhone & iPod touch application that can be used independently or together for maximum productivity.

Synotes requires users to signup for a Syncode ID to allow for syncing to other platforms and backup of notes online:
- Synotes iPhone & iPod touch: separate application named
"Synotes Mobile"
- Synotes Web:

Synotes includes Smart Sync technology that which means Synotes only syncs what you need it to when you need it to to be more efficient and invisible.

Main features:

• Add, edit & delete your Synotes.
• Sync your Synotes with our custom built web interface ( ).
• Sync your Synotes with our seperate application, Synotes for iPhone & iPod touch.
• Assign each Synote a specific icon.
• Search your Synotes.
• 256 bit SSL encryption when syncing your Synotes to the cloud.
• Cloud storage for Synotes, constantly backed up.
• Rearrange Synotes.
• Offline editing, adding, deleting and rearranging.
• Conflict Management so you never overwrite when your iPhone disagrees with the web.
• Synote history to view and restore previous revisions of your Synotes.
• Order your Synotes manually, by date created, date last modified or by icon.
• Filter Synote list by icon.
• Synotes are autosaved so you don't have to hit the save button to sync.
• Secondary password protect the application
• Export Synotes to .txt and import through iTunes.

Fast, efficient and effective, Synotes makes moving between the web, your iPad and iPhone practically seamless.