Current Version Version: 1.2
Author The Omni Group
Price $15.00
Description Use OmniGraphSketcher for iPad to make elegant and precise graphs in seconds, whether you have specific data to report or a concept to explain.

Create lines and data points, draw curves, and shade in important areas as easily as though you were using a basic drawing program. Want to add labels, add colors, change a point from a circle to a square? Just touch your graph to add new data or change existing information. Using simple multitouch gestures, you get the numeric precision of a charting application—with no complicated equations necessary.

Import existing data from anywhere—Numbers, for example—via copy and paste, and instantly get a precise graph you can use as is, or mark up as much as you like.

Perfect for quickly visualizing ideas and presenting them, the iPad edition of OmniGraphSketcher is fully compatible with the Mac edition. Whenever you need to produce a sharp-looking graph on the fly, OmniGraphSketcher for iPad combines the quantitative power of data plotting with the ease of touchscreen drawing.


- Freehand draw to create lines and data points, draw curves, and shade in important areas
- Sketch recognition turns whatever you draw into a smooth curve
- No data plotting necessary to create elegant, precise graphs
- Import data from other applications via copy and paste
- Just touch your graph to add text labels, colors, shapes, dashes, arrows, and tick marks
- Share native OmniGraphSketcher files via email, or email as a PDF
- Save graphs in your Photos library, or "Copy as Image" and paste into iWork

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