Current Version Version: 4.3.3
Author Tenereillo, Inc.
Price Free
Description Trapster(R) is a FREE app that alerts you as you approach speed traps, red light and speed cameras, police check points, and other wallet hazards. Join over 7 MILLION USERS world wide and submit the location of traps in your area.


* Cnet #1 automotive iPhone app
* WIRED Magazine #1 of apps that make the most of location
* "Trapster maps out where speed traps are in real time, a boon to my occasionally spirited driving." -Roy Furchgott, The New York Times

What Trapster Users Are Saying
- "I love this app! I use it over the basic mapping program that comes with the iPhone since it allows 'route up' orientation, the only way to fly! Saved my bacon a couple of times!"
- "This is such a great app I love it every time I look at the map and see police close by they're right! Love it."
- "This app is very great. It shows when cops are coming. Wow technology is crazy these days. Love it. 5 Stars."

- Caravan(TM), see and communicate with other users in real time.
- Patrol(TM), a blue line shows Trapster users have recently driven down a road. Raising the confidence factor on the road.
- Alerts can be in English, French, German, Spanish and lots of fun sound themes.
- World's most complete and up to date speed trap and camera database with over 1 MILLION traps reported.
- Virtual Radar (R) dynamic alert area narrows and elongates based on your speed and direction of travel.
- Rate traps submitted by other users. The system learns the credibility of users over time based on how many other users agree with the traps they report.
- Push notifications can alert you even when the app isn't running.
- My Trips feature broadens scope of app beyond speed traps, making it a fun travel tool.
- Also, local search, Google Live Traffic, turn-by-turn directions, full iPod control, Facebook & Twitter integration and privacy controls.

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Note: The Trapster app is a free service. We do not distribute, share, sell or rent your private information such as your e-mail address or mobile number. See the privacy policy for more information.

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