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Price $1.00
Description Featuring realistic design and taking advantages of large, high resolution screen, Calculator HD for iPad facilitates quick calculations everywhere you need them. Use simple and fast Basic Calculator, switch to Tape Calculator for you accounting needs and then mail the whole tape and never lose track of what you’ve entered. Or take advantage of Scientific Calculator loaded with more than 28 functions including percentage, root, power or goniometrical calculations and many others.

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Mostly you carry your iPad along, but don’t have calculator. Remember those times you wanted to know proper tip for waiter, calc your profit percentage or simply count the price of groceries? Calculator HD for iPad will solve such problems for you. It is amazingly fast and everlasting solution. Buy once, use countless times.


- Basic Calculator for simple and fast calculations
- Scientific Calculator loaded with more than 28 functions
- Tape Calculator for your accounting needs
- Mail the tape and never lose track of your entries
- Choose the combination of calculators for portrait and landscape that fits your needs
- Autosave function remembers your calculations after you leave app
- Large and comfortable keys for both small and large fingers
- Realistic interface with beautifully designed office desk
- Memory functions
- Intuitive to use
- Extremely fast with instant results
- Works both in portrait and landscape device orientations