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Description If your company uses Citrix to host applications, you can use Citrix Receiver to check your email, review documents, tune into project dashboards, and approve expenses from your iPad or any other device. Just ask your help desk for the URL to set up Receiver. If your company doesn’t use Citrix yet, you can still install Citrix Receiver and try a demo of virtual environments ( What you can do with Citrix Receiver: • Access your applications and Windows desktop at your office, home, or on the road • Keep your information stored on your provider’s secure servers, not on your device • Move from desktop to tablet to smartphone Citrix Receiver is available for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and BlackBerry. Additional platforms coming soon. For more information on Citrix Receiver, go to If you’re looking for an app to connect to your Mac or PC, be sure to try GoToMyPC, the remote desktop app by Citrix Online.