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Description iDraw is the most feature-packed vector drawing and illustration app available on the iPad! "...the iOS’ answer to Adobe Illustrator" - Padgadget "Finally, Professional Vector Editing Comes to the iPad; 9/10" - "Numerous options; easy to use" - Macworld iDraw has all of the tools you need to create everything from detailed technical illustrations to beautiful works of art. Create complex designs quickly and easily, even on the go. Latest features: - Shape libraries - SVG Import and Export - Dropbox Integration - Dimension lines - Boolean path combinations - Canvas scale, Rulers, and Units (mm, cm, inches) - Pen tool multi-point selection and editing Layers, Text, Images, Multi-color Gradients, RGB color picker, Brushes, Bezier Pen Tool, customizable Canvas Styles, Grid Snapping, Masking, PDF export, and much more! Visit our website to see a video of iDraw in action: FEATURES - Brush and Pencil tools for fluid drawing and sketching - Essential set of shape tools (with customization options) - Multiple Layers allowing you to create complex designs - Powerful Pen tool for creating custom shapes - Color picker wheel / RGB sliders - Multi-color gradient editor - Font panel and text support - Text Gradient and Text path clipping - Shape, Text and Image Shadows - Images - rotate, scale, with alpha transparency - Snap to Grid - Canvas Styles - Group / Lock / Lock Aspect ratio EXPORT / SHARE - Export drawings as vector-based PDF and SVG files - Export transparent PNG or JPEG images - Save designs to your Photos Library - Send designs via email - Copy and paste into other iPad applications UPDATES New in 1.2.1: - Magnifier Loupe - Eraser Tool - Outline Stroke - Unlimited Layers - Pen Tool: tap path endpoint to remove or edit end direction handle - Two Finger Tap: quickly switch between tools New in 1.2: - Redesigned toolbar and interface - New 'Appearance' pane - New 'Styles' library - New 'Line Dash' editor - Rotate, Scale, and Shear Tools - Redesigned Pen tool - Anchor point tool - Duplicate shapes while applying transforms - Settable origin point for transform tools - Join Paths - Shape Opacity - Enable/disable pixel-aligned strokes - Outline editing mode - Customizable selection color - Increased zoom levels: 10%-6400% - Significant performance improvements New in 1.1.2: - Dimension lines - Customizable shape labels - Canvas scale settings - Improved import of Inkscape-created SVG files New in 1.1: - SVG vector import - Dropbox integration - New optimized document format - Ability to open iDraw documents sent via email - Image fill placement and cropping - Gradient fill positioning - Paste in Place - Major grid division setting New in 1.0.9: - Support for iOS 4.2 - AirPrint document printing - Line arrows and arrow styles - Improvements to SVG export New in 1.0.8: - Boolean path tools * Union, Subtract, Intersect, Exclude, Divide - SVG export - Rulers and units: inches, mm, cm - New calligraphy brush editor - Redesigned font picker - Pen tool enhancements - Added the ability to convert text to paths - Copied shapes can now be pasted into other apps - Autosave New in 1.0.7: - Group / Ungroup shapes - Lock / Unlock - Lock aspect ratio when resizing - Layer 'Merge Down' - Pen tool points can now be snapped to grid - Vector lines now remain crisp when zoomed in - Increased max zoom level - Improved zoom/pan gestures - New grid customization options - Improved layer thumbnails New in 1.0.6: - Redesigned Color and Gradient Pickers - Save and reuse colors and gradients - RGB color picker - Stability fixes and improvements ... iDraw 1.0 launched with the iPad, and we're continuing to make it the best illustration app available. We're looking forward to your feedback and

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