Current Version Version: 1.1
Author Chillingo Ltd
Price $4.00
Description BoardBox™ is the most graphically rich and realistic looking board game set on iPad. With dozens of features and true-to-life visuals, BoardBox™ is the only board game you will need on your iPad! Grab a friend and play a game of Chess, Checkers, or Backgammon! Or turn off the rules and make up your own! Best of all, play with a friend around the world via email multiplayer! And the list goes on....

In fact, here is all you can do with BoardBox™:
- 15 board games, including:
- Chess
- Backgammon (NEW!)
- Checkers
- Reversi
- Tic Tac Toe
- Tournament Tic Tac Toe (NEW!)
- Go
- International Draughts
- Xiangqi
- Westernized Xiangqi
- plus 5 Chess, 3 Backgammon, and 2 Go variants!
- Email multiplayer
- 3 unique board styles: Mahogany, Granite, and Old School
- Written rules by Wikipedia (no Internet connection required!)
- and MUCH more!

We have full support for movement and capture rules in Chess, Checkers, and Backgammon.

Included in our plans for future releases are updating features, adding new games, and making BoardBox the ultimate board game application on your iPad. And best of all: future updates will be 100% free! No in-app purchase content. We simply make it; you get it. FREE.

*Note: BoardBox does not have a CPU-controlled component at this time. This is intended to be a multiplayer game in which two people play together, people play via email, or you create your own games to share with others.

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