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Get your iPad and call your friends: It’s time for a Pinheads Party. Pinheads Party is a revolutionary game built just for the iPad meant for anybody who’s ever loved a BOARD GAME! Just put the iPad on the table and gather around to enjoy this interactive, connected and addictive board game experience!

Pinheads Party has four categories of challenge activities that draw inspiration from the most popular board games of all time:
Wonder Words: Can you speak, read and write? How about backwards?
Mega Mentals: Do you know enough about anything?
Partial Arts: How well can you draw on that iPad screen?
Ultra Physical: Can you act that out please?

To win, each team completes challenges to earn pins to place on their Pinhead game piece. The first team to achieve two pins in each of the challenge activity categories, plus a bonus challenge, wins the game.

Pinheads Party: the new party board-game experience for the iPad!

• 2-4 teams can compete. 4 players and up.
• Touch-to-move interface gives players a tactile board game experience
• Game play structure is friendly to home rules customization
• Classic board game feel without all the setup and missing pieces.
• Play traditional challenges like acting out and drawing clues, word games
• Play all new challenges like mini-video games, internet search challenges and others that are only possible on the iPad