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Description Experience TIME magazine in a revolutionary new way. Now you can purchase single issues of the magazine for the iPad. Download this week???s digital issue and get the entire print edition plus additional international content, extra photos and video coverage, and live updates from This app gives you the current issue of TIME (cover date: April 12, 2010) and features both landscape and portrait views, scroll navigation and customizable font sizes. Note: this app is a single digital issue of TIME. In-app purchasing and a digital subscription will be available later this year.

This issue includes:

- Apple???s Next Big Thing: The iPad is the world???s first true home computer
by Lev Grossman

- iPad Man: The writer meets Steve Jobs, who calls the iPad ???magical.??? True? Yes
by Stephen Fry

- Fallen Hero: The final journey of a soldier killed in Afghanistan
by Peter van Agtmael

- Palin Power: Still the top GOP draw, the ex-gov stumps in the Southwest
by Mark Halperin

- The Environment: Why plastics present a health danger
by Bryan Walsh

- Kitchen Chemistry: Which household toxins should you fret about?
by Alice Park

- Pharma in the Plumbing: How drug residue seeps into the water supply
by Jeffrey Kluger

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