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Description The Next Generation of Cocktails+ is Drink-a-Dex

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The fine folks at SkorpiosTech have moved on to other projects and gave us the opportunity to acquire Cocktails+. We are reintroducing it as Drink-a-Dex and will be adding new features for your enjoyment. The first release is for the iPad which will be followed shortly with an updated app for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Drink-a-Dex lovingly presents over 2,000 contemporary and classic mixed drink recipes drawn from critical sources spanning two centuries. Every recipe includes a full citation as well as ingredient descriptions and substitution information. Recipes are categorized by base spirit, drink type, flavor, and other characteristics and can be filtered by name and ingredient through search.

Other features:

- No "noise"; all recipes were vetted by experts and nearly all have been published
- Contemporary Masters program presents cutting-edge recipes from esteemed mixologists
- Imperial (ounces or gills) and metric (centiliters or milliliters) units
- Mark favorites for future reference
- Share recipes with friends on Twitter