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Description Browse both Flickr and Facebook photos. Designed exclusively for the iPad. Featured in numerous high profile publications, such as: AWARDS/RECOGNITION ★ Featured by Apple - "New and Noteworthy" ★ MacWorld (4 out of 5 Stars) ★ "Five-Star Apps" - Peachpit Press ( ★ Featured in Wired Magazine ★ Daring Fireball ★ 100 Best iPad Apps (iCreate Magazine) ★ Adorama TV ★ Huffington Post - 15 Best iPad Apps Every User Should Try WHAT OUR USERS ARE SAYING: "Phenomenal app for browsing through all your friends' Facebook photos. The tabletop/flick away interface is fantastic, and the amount of functionality built into the multi-touch multi-finger taps and holds really makes this app shine. Terrific complement to iPhoto" - Paul (App Store Review) "I've only been playing with this app for about 5 minutes or so and i've already decided that this is the coolest ipad app i've downloaded yet. There are a lot of cool apps out there but most of them - besides taking advantage of the bigger screen - don't "do" much more than their iphone counterparts, but this app exudes ipad." - Aaron (App Store Review) "Love it, one stop to catch up on all my friends pics." - Alwasamom (App Store Review) "There are seemingly endless Flickr clients for the iPad, but this is the one I use most. Why? Because it is the first one that actually makes it feel like you are browsing real printed photographs." - WIRED "... the Shacked Apps guys stepped up their game and released the best Flickr and Facebook photo browser for iPad." - MacStories "I would buy an iPad JUST for this application!" - Max Williamson, Flickr user DEMO VIDEO (Demo is of an older version of Flickpad but still relevant WHY FLICKPAD: You probably bought an iPad because of it's revolutionary multi-touch interface. Why settle for a boring old photo app when you could get one that actually makes the most of the awesomeness of multi-touch? Once you make the switch, you won't ever want to go back. Frankly, because it is fun. We love photos and we assume you do as well. We were tired of browsing photos like they were still stored in photo albums. Open album, look at photos, close album, open next album, repeat ad infinitum. While Flickpad still allows you to find photos that way, it is definitely secondary. Welcome to a better way to enjoy photos! FEATURES: Primary: ✔ Quickly see the latest photos on Facebook and Flickr ✔ Great way to browse Flickr Explore photos ✔ Browse photos from a particular friend or date ✔ Search Flickr photos by keyword ✔ Fast user switching (Flickpad can easily be used by multiple people) Secondary: ✔ Post a comments on photos you like ✔ Slideshow mode ✔ Save photos to iPad built-in Photo Library ✔ Email photos to friends ✔ Favorite the best photos ✔ Hide all photos from friends you don't care to see FEEDBACK: We love hearing from you! Please rate/review the app and feel free to contact us directly if you have questions/feedback. Twitter: Email: Support:

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