Current Version Version: 1.6.1
Author Zooble, LLC
Price $3.00
Description Recently featured in over 70+ App Stores. TweetList is an advanced, high-quality Twitter client for the iPhone. Even if you don't use Twitter lists much, you'll love it (and maybe you'll start using them). It's fast, friendly, and easy to use. But don't take our word for it, see what others have been saying: "... the organizational genius of TweetList for Twitter, from Zooble, is a lifesaver." - "The way TweetList handles your Twitter lists is pure brilliance... swipe left and right to transition." — Hillel Fuld ( "It's actually amazing. The lists feature is fantastic... All the other features are there. Big contender." — Apps & Hats ( "It loads quick, scrolls quick, looks great and has some fantastic easter eggs." — Punkforpez (reviews) Whether you're looking for the latest news and trends, updating the world while you're on the go, or just keeping up with friends — TweetList will make your Twitter experience easier with its simple and intuitive design. KEY FEATURES - Innovative list navigation: swipe left and right to scroll between your lists and subscriptions. - Rearrange your lists in ANY order. - Automatic full conversation threading: see the whole conversation at once. - Full set of search tools: search Twitter, find users, view local trends, save searches, and real-time conversation search. - Drafts manager with auto-saving. - Background tweet sending / photo uploading. - Unlimited number of Twitter accounts. - Compose page shows the entire conversation as you reply. - Timeline, member, and direct message caching with pull and auto-refresh. - Direct messages grouped by individual with full conversation threading. - Unread counts and badges for @replies and direct messages. - Tweet translations. - TwitLonger support for tweets > 140 characters. - InstaPaper, ReadItLater, and Google mobilizer support. - Customizable: font size, name and date formats. - xAuth authentication and secure HTTPS communication. - ...and much more. TweetList's flexible, modern architecture is ready to take advantage of the latest Twitter features and APIs as they become available. We're just getting started and we want to build features that are important to our users. Email us at with feature requests and feedback. By Zooble - Simple Apps Are Best™

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