• Thin, rounded design
  • Ecologically conscious
  • Retains FireWire port
  • Great new keyboard
  • Easier to service and upgrade
  • Gorgeous, bright, glossy screen
  • Large trackpad with numerous multi-touch gesture choices


  • Disappointing battery life compared to the last model
  • No choice of screen finishes
  • Trackpad button can be hard to press
  • Some multi-touch gestures more difficult to maneuver than others

At A Glance

While it appears to be identical to its predecessor at first glance, this MacBook Pro has been remodeled both inside and out. It sports a new unibody architecture similar to the MacBook and MacBook Air enclosures. The matte screen option is gone, replaced by a glossy 15-inch screen. The latest MacBook Pro also employs Nvidia's Hybrid SLI technology, a pairing of two graphics chips-one integrated in the motherboard (GeForce 9400M) and the other discrete (GeForce 9600M GT). The processor speed remains unchanged, as does the price for the 2.4GHz model.

Manufacturer’s Description

The latest Intel processor, a bigger hard drive, plenty of memory, and even more new features all fit inside just one liberating inch. The new MacBook Pro Notebook has the performance, power, and connectivity of a desktop computer, Without the desk part.