Current Version Version: 1.1
Author Agile Partners Technologies, LLC
Price Free
Description Get the real answers to your yes-or-no questions. Find out what others think: snap a picture, ask a question--and watch the answers come rolling in. Harness the wisdom of crowds; satisfy your curiosity, settle bets & make decisions, especially when you're having a tough time making up your mind. Like a magic 8 ball, minus the magic. If you've ever wished you could ask the audience, now you can with Second Opinion. What's everyone asking? Answer questions--and see how everyone else is voting. - Does this tie go with this shirt? - Is this poison ivy? - Should I wear this on an interview? - Is this a good price? - Can I carry this on an airplane? - Do you think I'm under 30? Features: - FREE to ask or answer unlimited questions - View lists of the questions you're asking or answering - View the first response to any question you ask: a one-time upgrade unlocks all responses - Find out right away when you've received the first answer to your most recent question - Turbo mode (in-app purchase): get your question in front of more people faster One-time upgrade (in-app purchase): - ads are eliminated - you can see all responses for all questions you ask (past and future)

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