Current Version Version: 2.0
Author idealSky Software, LLC
Price $3.00
Description ***** "...this app is a dream come true for someone looking for a quick and easy way to keep track of their daily income/expenses! " - ***** ***** JUST UPDATED! Now supports iOS4 and app switching! New features include budgets, transfers, pie charts, backup/restore, redesigned UI, high-resolution images, and more. ***** ***** In celebration of PaperFinance's 2.0 release, we are giving away copies of PaperFinance for FREE! See for more details. U.S. residents only. ***** It’s the finance app that moves! PaperFinance is a personal finance app made to address two major drawbacks of mobile money-tracking apps: 1) They’re too complicated, and 2) they lack the most joyous feature of the iPhone: swiping! So, we made a full-featured, yet easy-to-use money app that skips boring tapfests in favor of fun swiping. Try our dynamic and fun interface and we don’t think you’ll ever want to go back to finance apps that don’t move. SEE IT IN ACTION: ***** MAJOR FEATURES ***** *** Unique Swipe Interface *** Core navigation based on swiping, not tapping. Navigate through less windows, get things done faster, and have more fun. *** Fast & Easy Input *** Add expenses, income, and transfers in seconds, through a simple interface. In most cases, fill in fields from one screen, without unnecessary windows. *** Single-Screen Reporting *** Unlike most money apps, PaperFinance doesn’t segment your reports over dozens of screen levels. Instead, it keeps your data on one screen so you get the full context. *** Powerful Reporting Options *** Five report types, including “by date” and “by category”, plus date and sort control. *** Unlimited Graphing *** You tell PaperFinance what to graph, not the other way around. Graph ANY report from the Reporting Screen to bar and pie charts. *** CSV/PDF Preview & Export *** Don’t just export your data - see exactly what your exported data will look like first. PaperFinance is also one of the only money apps to export graphs to PDF. *** Budgets *** Create and track budgets automatically. Unique budget statistics, such as pace and spending allowance. *** Backup & Restore *** Backup your data at anytime (via email). Restore it on any device with PaperFinance installed (via WiFi). *** Built-In Help *** Tired of confusing apps that don’t come with instructions? PaperFinance has a full user guide and FAQ built right into the app, plus an intro tour for new users. *** Solid Performance *** PaperFinance has been tested to ensure that it performs reliably over time, even with thousands of entries. *** Fast Recurrence *** Even the longest recurrence operations complete in seconds, not minutes. *** Customizable Settings *** Set favorite accounts, categories, views and more through the Settings Screen. *** Unique, Cohesive Design *** No gray hodgepodge look here. Consistent design throughout every screen, so you won’t feel like you stumbled into the wrong app. *** Full Calendar *** See your dates in perspective with a complete calendar that has the familiar look of the native iPhone calendar. *** Pop-up Tips *** How does that feature work? Optional pop-up tips keep you informed. ***** Other Features ***** • Optional passcode protection with email reset • Ability to search your entries • Usable with any currency • Flexible: Use PaperFinance as a complete finance solution, as an expense tracker, or just for general budgeting • Streamlined settings screen that makes sense • Intuitive terms that everyone can understand (no “payees”, “vendors”, or crazy acronyms!)

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