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Description $4.99 --> $2.99 LIMITED TIME SALE, HURRY -- 17 years in the making, Babylonian Twins is finally out with over 300,000 downloads in its 3rd month --- iPhone's award-winning and critically acclaimed best puzzle platformer --- reached #1 adventure game in Japan and #2 in the US -- Immerse yourself and your family in a unique adventure in ancient Babylon -- Solve challenging puzzles, learn about history and join the fan discussion on -- Your 5-star rating keeps the updates coming. Please send your feedback to Follow us on @cosmosapps ** Please check release notes section before downloading ** ---- "All 3 of my teenage daughters fight to have possession of my iphone just because of this game! luckily can say no- Mom is playing it. Challenging, yet fun" - Canadian App Store "Officially obsessed with Babylonian Twins" @HeatherMarMal ----- Think The Prince of Persia meets The Lost Vikings with a twist: You control two characters, the twin princes of Babylonian, one at a time and each with different skills, to solve challenging puzzles in a fast-paced action and smooth scrolling in a unique historic atmosphere derived from history texts. Featured on App Store's "WHAT'S HOT", "NEW & NOTEWORTHY" and "WHAT WE'RE PLAYING" in 85 countries. TouchArcade's top platformer for iPhone 4 users and PC Magazine's top 10 iPad games. Featured on The Independent, Vancouver Sun, AOL News, Wired, Kotaku, Arstechnica and more. * * * * * * * PROFESSIONAL REVIEWS "Certainly a game that will remain on our iPhones and iPads for a long time to come" - TOUCHARCADE, 4.5/5 Best Game of April 2010 "Offers fantastic head-scratching puzzles that are incredibly satisfying to solve" -GAMEPRO 4.5/5 - Game of the Week "Well preserved artefact - resembling a cross between Aladdin and Prince of Persia" - POCKETGAMER, SILVER AWARD 8/10, Game of the Week "In terms of level design, Babylonian Twins scores top marks, with some superb challenges that provide a true test of your platforming mettle" - EUROGAMER "A fun arcade-type puzzle game that is reminiscent of some great NES puzzlers with some added twists." - THE PORTABLE GAMER "An Instant Classic - the storyline, design and overall challenge simply mesh together to make up a game for the ages" - THEAPPERA, A MUST HAVE "A Puzzle Platformer That Raises The Bar" - APPVERSITY, A-AMAZING "A Long Awaited Beautiful Platformer" - APPSMILE, 5/5 "A gorgeous, charming platformer with one of the most interesting backstories I've ever read" - CNET, Game of the Week "A fantastic puzzle platformer, unique two character gameplay, superb look and the feel" - APPADVICE * * * * * Read the fascinating history behind the development of the original Commodore Amiga version in Iraq 17 years ago: * * * * * THE GAME Join the twin princes of Babylon, Nasir and Blasir, in their quest to defeat the evil magic of the great sorcerer and restore peace to the city. Use unique tag-team collaborative play and fast spin and drill moves to solve challenging puzzles, find hidden treasures and unlock new levels. Experience a masterpiece of ancient Mesopotamian art like nothing you have seen before. - Control two characters in a unique tag-team play - 5 unique worlds to explore including the Tower of Babylon, The Assyrian Place and the Hanging Gardens. - Over a dozen large & challenging levels with more on the way - Over half a dozen original traditional music - Beautiful graphics & historic atmosphere from history texts - Find hidden treasures and unlock new levels and OpenFeint Achievements - iPod music support (Play the music and launch the game) - OpenFeint Leaderboards - Super smooth scrolling - Save points in all levels - Resp