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Description Melt away your stress the 21st century way with the new D-stress App from The Stress Management Society.

Stress is a serious problem. So you need a seriously powerful solution. The D-stress App is the answer.

It uses a combination of 21st century technology and traditional therapy to give you an 18-minute relaxation ‘workout’. Just find a quiet corner and settle down… breathe deeply… and feel your stress melt away as you listen to international stress expert Neil Shah guiding you through three short relaxation exercises.

First you’ll start to unwind with our 4-minute ‘Relaxer’. Tension will begin to leave as you settle into a relaxed state. Then the 12-minute Holiday lets you linger in your deeply relaxed state, locking out stress issues while you have a little you-time. And finally the 2-minute Energiser brings you back to a conscious state, ready to re-enter the real world.

This combination will leave you relaxed and with renewed energy for your day.
These exercises combine self hypnosis and creative visualisation exercises with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), yoga breathing exercises and Progressive Muscle Relaxation to bring you into a deep state of calm.

If you have headphones for your iPhone, the D-stress App gets your brain get into an even deeper relaxed state with Binaural Beat technology.

Binaural Beat technology allows the brain to slow right down to a deeply relaxed state automatically. Just pop on your headphones and you’ll hear music. But this music is being played at slightly different frequencies in each ear. Your brain perceives this difference as a beat or pulse which helps coax your brainwaves into a deeply relaxed ‘Theta’ state. In this state, your brain pulses up to 8 times a second (rather than up to 30 times in your usual Beta state). The result is a deeply relaxed state for your brain, and that will help you remain stress free for longer.

Other Binaural Beat relaxation soundtracks just play a high-pitched, penetrating sound. But we’ve taken the science and combined it with beautifully relaxing music by leading composer Matthew Slater. You hear the music from Slater and the guidance from Shah, not the high-pitched tone, and get the most effective relaxation workout we think possible.

So all this means you get deeply relaxed in a very short time without having to do anything other than listen to your iPhone. And don’t forget that practice makes perfect! Consistent use will help you achieve this deeply relaxed state faster in the future.

Don’t have headphones with you? No problem. Just sit back and listen to Matthew Slater’s music and Neil Shah’s calming voiceover as these two experts help you unwind from your cares of the day.

Relax and enjoy the magic.

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