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Description Inspired by JRR Tolkein's Elvish Tengwar script, I Write Elvish brings the elegance and beauty of the Elvish language to your device. Choose from dozens of backgrounds, or use your own photos to create beautiful Elvish artwork that you can use as your desktop theme, email to your friends, or post on Facebook. Click "...More" to learn why you should download this App today! It's no big secret that Elvish is a language that very few people can understand or interpret. Even for the biggest of JRR Tolkein fans, speaking and writing Elvish is a challenge. However, with I Write Elvish on your device, you'll be able to correspond freely with your fellow Lord Of The Rings enthusiasts. The best part of all is that you can design your own artwork, send email, or post messages on your Facebook friends' walls; and your public messages will become instantly private when they're written in Elvish. Simply type in your message just as you ordinarily would, and I Write Elvish automatically translates your text into the Elvish language, so only the two of you can understand, interpret and decipher the hidden text. Take a look at some of the other fun features I Write Elvish offers Tolkein fans: * Create beautiful artwork with Elvish inscriptions * Learn to write your name in Elvish * Write and email notes encoded in Elvish * Adjustable font size * Use Facebook Connect to post Elvin messages on your friends walls * Send photos via email * Choose from dozens of backgrounds or use your own photos to create artwork * Use Facebook Connect to set up photo albums to display artwork The Elvin language is just as beautiful written as it is spoken. The elegance of the lettering is truly a work of art in itself. With I Write Elvish on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, you'll learn how to write your name, or your favorite phrase. Perhaps you'll even learn how to write a romantic love poem for that special someone in your life. They're guaranteed to cherish it forever! Elvish tattoos are popular among LOTR fans, and I Write Elvish can help you pick just the right one. Let the app translate your name or favorite phrase and try it on for size by adding it to your photo. Try it on your arm, leg, or wherever you think it will look best, then post it on Facebook to get your friends' opinions too. While you're at it, why not tattoo your friends and family just for fun? Download I Write Elvish today and learn the secrets of the Elvin tongue. What you choose to do with that knowledge is entirely up to you, but we suggest that you use it wisely. Elvish words are known to hold powerful magic!