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Price $2.00
Description The creators of the Hipstamatic are super stoked to introduce a brand new darkroom kit: SwankoLab. It's a loving recreation of the pre-digital era classic – the darkroom of yesterday today.

Complete with smells of photo chemistry and sounds of mad science being made, your SwankoLab comes with everything you need to turn any image into a retro misprinted masterpiece. Choose chemicals, process photos, and experiment. You’re the artist / chemist / creative genius-- have fun!

SwankoLab includes:
★ Eight magical photo-altering chemicals
★ A formula book to store your favorite chemical recipes
★ An embossed development tray
★ A hand-engraved mahogany box to store all your photo supplies and prints

As an added bonus, Uncle Stu’s Photo Emporium has offered up access to his amazing supply catalog which give you NINE additional darkroom chemicals for a one-time subscription fee of $1.99! Thanks Stu! In addition, Stu will add more stuff to the subscription with each update (included free for all subscribers).

Happy processing,
The SwankoLab Team