Current Version Version: 1.4.2
Author Appigo, Inc.
Price $4.00
Description Corkulous™ idea board for the iPad is the incredible new way to collect, organize, and share your ideas that feels completely natural. If you have an iPad, you need this app! See demo video:

Corkulous is a multi-purpose app containing cork boards where you can place notes, labels, photos, contacts, and tasks. Group your ideas visually on one board or spread ideas out across multiple boards (sub-boards also supported). Each cork board has plenty of real estate to capture your best ideas and plans.


Family Message Center, Kitchen Cork Board, Reminder Board, Simple Mind Map, Goal Manager, Vacation/Event Planner, Vision Board, Simple to-do list, Exam Study Aid, Lesson Planner, ... and more!


Plan any kind of event, collaborate with friends and colleagues, manage project assignments, brainstorm something BIG, prepare or teach a lesson, track your goals, keep track of your kids' chore list, take notes, build a simple org chart, ... and whatever else you might think of.


Corkulous pricing is subject to increase as additional amazing features are added. Users who purchase Corkulous now will get future updates FREE.


- Notes, Labels, Photos, Contacts, and Tasks
- Multiple cork boards
- Nested cork boards
- Full board view with pinch zooming
- Search cork board items
- Passcode Lock main cork boards
- Email board snapshots as PDF or image
- Export board PDFs to iTunes via USB cable
- Save images to Saved Photos album
- Unique back side of the cork board
- Excellent and proven customer support
- Oh yeah, did we mention it's FUN? !!! :)


That's right, we LOVE positive feedback! Please be kind in your app reviews, tell others how you use Corkulous, and stay tuned for new and exciting features.


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