Current Version Version: 1.41 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
Author Brilliant(ish) Software
Price $9.00
Description All Of Wikipedia: Offline is the fastest, most frequently updated, and fully featured completely offline Wikipedia application available for iPad and iPhone/iPod. Sync once and you'll never need a connection again to have every single article on Wikipedia. FEATURES ★ Supports English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, and Dutch with this one application. ★ This one application works for iPad & iPod/iPhone. ★ Instant completely offline search and article loading. ★ Latest article and image caching if connection is available. ★ In app updating of Wikipedia data dumps. No re-installing. ★ Search in current article. ★ Bookmarks, history, random articles, table of contents, etc. ★ Change the font size, font type, and background. ★ Landscape viewing with orientation lock. ★ Fully resumable compressed database downloads hosted on distributed cloud servers. Very fast. MOST IMPORTANTLY Contains every article in the Wikipedia database of your choice. English database size comes in around 4GB, other languages around 2GB or less. Why so big? We don't skimp. It's all there, tables of contents, links, and every single article and redirected search term. This is a meticulously pruned and compressed data set. We feel it is the right compromise between size, availability, speed, and ease of use. There are no images for articles until they are loaded with an internet connection available. REVIEWS "This app keeps getting better and better with each update. The developer strongly believes in the concept, listens to customers, and provides a regular stream of steady improvements that you'll appreciate." - davez-sf2ny "I was skeptical at first but after downloading the program and leaving it on to download for about two hours, I came back to the entire wikipedia on my iPad! Super fast searching, and it looks like every artcle minus the pictures. Amazing!" - F2959 "I took a chance with this and I'm glad I did." - John Adamson HOW DOES IT WORK? 1) When you first buy the app, you're prompted to download the data dump over wifi. This takes between 3 and 4 hours, so follow the instructions and then go grab some lunch. 2) You now have every Wikipedia article on your device. Use it wherever you are, you don’t need an internet connection. 3) Your purchase allows you to initially download the Wikipedia data dump and then also download it again once after that for free. After than a $1 in app purchase will be required to cover the hosting cost of such a large and rapidly transferred file. Updated dumps will be available shortly after Wikipedia releases them, this usually occurs once every month or so. DID WE MENTION SUPPORT? We answer every single email sent to ""! Imagine that!

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