Current Version Version: 2.0.4
Author Rhapsody International Inc
Price Free
Description America's #1 subscription music service lets you listen to ALL THE MUSIC YOU WANT on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad for JUST $10 A MONTH. And with this version, you can DOWNLOAD PLAYLISTS TO YOUR DEVICE and also LISTEN WHILE YOU TEXT, BROWSE AND RUN OTHER APPS. New customers can TRY IT NOW FOR FREE. If you're already a member, it's even easier; just install the application, sign in and start downloading. Rhapsody lets you choose from over 10 million songs, create the perfect mix for your commute, your workout, or your flight - and download it instantly. By listening directly from your device, you won't need an active connection and you'll save battery life compared to streaming. A Rhapsody preview or subscription is required. Streaming music requires an active Internet connection. Downloaded playlists can be accessed without an active connection. Multitasking requires iOS 4 and is supported on iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod touch 3rd generation.

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