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Description Psychopedia is an encyclopedia of serial killers and unsolved serial murders.

From the Axeman of New Orleans to the Zodiac Killer, Psychopedia is an extensive compendium of the world's most prolific and notorious serial killers and the most captivating unsolved serial murder cases. With 365 profiles spanning hundreds of pages it is a useful guide for students of criminology, sociology, or abnormal psychology. Most entries contain extensive details of the killer's early life, crimes, capture, and conviction. Genre screenwriters, novelists, fans of true crime literature and anyone with an interest in the macabre will find plenty of fascinating and grisly details of the world's most infamous and intriguing killers and their horrendous crimes.

All 365 entries can be searched or indexed by:

- name
- chronology
- country
- no. of victims

No internet connection required. All content available offline.

Finally...the killer app is here.

Update coming soon...

Watch for Psychopedia: Spree Killer Edition coming soon as well. It will be focused on spree killers, school shooters, mass murderers, etc.