Author Generic Company Place Holder
Price $2.00
Description "Shadow Edge has a cool atmosphere I really like, with a great graphics engine that does a good job of making you feel on edge as monsters creep out from the darkness"-

1940 - Germans control most of Europe. It is only a matter of time for the USA to send their troops in. Your  name  is John Willis, ordered by the Defense Department you fly, ride, walk and swim all over the world looking for something that will give Allies the advantage to defeat the Germans.

・     Survival-action horror shooter.
・    Set in World War I pyramid dweller game.
・    Multiple weapons with different mechanics.
・    Long list of achievements.
・    Dynamic shadows.
・    Hand made levels.
・    Campaign and survival mode.
・    Shocking story.
・    Mummies, ghouls, undead, and many more types of enemies.