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Description Wish you could find the place where that award winning director shot that awesome scene in his most famous film? Would you like to know if your favorite movie star or that Hollywood legend has ever worked on location in your neighborhood? No problem, just consult TheMovieMap app to discover filming locations around the world. Click “…More” to learn why you should download this App today!

You can’t believe it! You’re standing in the same spot where Bruce Willis stood after he won the fight in Pulp Fiction and escaped through a hotel room window. Standing there behind the Raymond Theatre, you imagine what it must’ve been like as the cast and crew shot the scene. Did director Quentin Tarantino’s feet touch down in the exact same place yours are now?

Checking your phone, you read about the events or trivia surrounding the making of the scene and the place feels all the more special.

Once you’ve paid homage to the alley and what took place there, you open up TheMovieMap app so you can find another location used in making the movie. The push pins on the map indicate your choices and you can see right away, which shoot site is closest. With a happy sigh, you move on. Maybe you can sit in the same seat where John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson ate Big Kahuna burgers. The mere thought makes your spine tingle.

Creating your own movie tour is easy with TheMovieMap. The application allows you to pinpoint the filming locations of your favorite movies from around the world. All you do is look them up in the handy A-Z search listing and all the information will be revealed. If you prefer, you can check to see what filming was done in a specific area.

Do you know of some great, authentic filming locations that aren’t already noted in TheMovieMap? Terrific, share them with your fellow fans by submitting through the app’s convenient submission form. Your contribution will show up whenever anyone is looking for locations in that area or for the associated movie.

Exciting features of TheMovieMap:
* Find the filming locations of your favorite movie or for a specific area, anywhere in the world
* Using GPS technology, TheMovieMap can give you a map or street view of the locations closest to where you are or where you are doing a search for
* Search the database by movie title or location
* Read information about scenes shot in the location you’re interested in
* Use the convenient submission form to send in a filming location that you know about

Why wait another minute? Download your own copy of TheMovieMap now. Maybe you can do a movie tour across America for your vacation this year.