• Spell-check available in every program
  • Includes auto-correction, text-expansion, and auto-completion functionality
  • Ghost Writer keeps backup copy of everything you type


  • Incredibly complex interface

At A Glance

If you find OS X's built-in spell-checker and thesaurus good enough, you have no need for Spell Catcher X. But if you spend the majority of your computer time typing words, Spell Catcher X is a great addition to your toolkit. Be forewarned, though: it will take some time to master its interface. If you're willing to put in the effort, Spell Catcher X has much to offer.

Manufacturer’s Description

The powerful, all-in-one Mac OS X writing tool. Features include: * Universally available—in all * Spell check interactively, as-you-type * Spell check existing text and documents after-you’ve-typed them * Fully integrated with the Mac OS X system-wide spell checker and spelling panel * Spell checking in up to fifteen different languages * Customizable AutoCorrect, AutoText, AutoReplace, and shorthand abbreviations * AutoComplete features finishes what you’ve started typing * Instant Thesaurus look up of meanings, synonyms, antonyms, related and contrasted words in up to eleven different languages * Comprehensive US English Dictionary Definitions look up * Look Up over the internet from online Dictionary Servers * Customizable text manipulation tools * Extensive readability statistics for educational and personal use * Numerous ways to access its features: The Services Menu, Dock Menu, Input Menu

Manufacturer’s Website

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