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Description When ideas and thoughts pop into your mind, would you want to remember every last detail? If so, Simply use ideaWallets. ideaWallets are the innovative idea management tool to help your creative mind and it will give you inspiration along the way. * we aware that there are some issues in current version 5.0, we already finish 5.2 with more functions and bugs fixed. Sorry for causing any problem, and pls. look forward for the coming update.* How can ideaWallets achieve this? "Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen!" --- John Steinbeck, American writer. In ideaWallets, we keep ideas in cards, we nurture them with an abundance of information including texts, photos, sounds and sketches, and bring the ideas up and inspire them to get more ideas through different thinking tools. Leonardo Da Vinci called his notebooks "Idea Wallets", do you have your own ideaWallets? It doesn't matter whether you're a creative- or analytic-oriented person. The structure of ideaWallets perfectly balance both sides of the brain. Cards (Ideas) – generated from the right side of the brain, and Thinking tools – controlled by our left brain, are the two critical parts of this app: ✔ Cards (Ideas): In ideaWallets, all forms of ideas including words, pictures, sounds and sketches will be saved in cards anywhere, anytime with your iPad. Cards can be edited, categorized, used, re-used for different projects and constantly accumulated as your creative ideas continue to grow. ✔ Thinking Tools: Thinking tools provided by ideaWallets will assist maximum idea cultivations. That means, the tools will help not only generate more ideas, but also organize your thoughts to see the new possibilities of your imagination. Our brain is a mystery map with full potential and brilliant inspirations. With proper enlightenment and well-organized thinking to unleash all creativities and imaginations, everyone can be an outstanding innovator! == Key features of ideaWallets == ★ Create and save ideas from notes, sounds, pictures and sketches into cards. It’s easy to understand and use. ★ Turn your ideas into cumulative assets and constantly increase your creativity energy. ★ Different thinking tools to assist inspiration and enlightenment and reach the best idea cultivation. ★ Constantly adding new thinking tools to increase your creativity. ★ The first vertical integrated creativity tool that covers the 3 stages of the mental process of Creativity, including intimation, illumination and verification. ideaWallets will assist you to achieve better ROI for your creativity efforts! Follow us on & == Q&A == What is ideaWallets? ideaWallets is the first vertical integrated creativity tool. By using ideaWallets, you can capture and save your ideas, review them, use thinking tools to generate more, and furthermore, transform your ideas into concrete plans. Why do I need ideaWallets? Ideas come suddenly, but also fade away if you don’t remember them. Like money, ideas are your valuable assets. If you always keep your money in your wallet, then you definitely need a wallet to keep your ideas, too. Therefore, ideaWallets is your best choice for all your ideas! What can I do with ideaWallets? You can save all your ideas from texts, sounds, pictures and sketches in your Cards. Reviewing and applying your cards to your projects. If you need new ideas, just use the thinking tools provided by ideaWallets to assist you and inspire even better thoughts. The best thing is, everything you have done with ideaWallets will be constantly accumulated. It will allow your mind to be free, thus allowing it to be more creative.