Current Version Version: 2.5
Author Felt Tip Inc.
Price Free
Description A clean and modern take on the Twitter client app. Read, fave, retweet, @-reply, and direct message tweets. Retweet in both the old style and the new style. Use multiple Twitter accounts. Open links in the web browser, email links, or read them later with Instapaper. Read tweets from your lists and list subscriptions. Search twitter, save your searches, and reload saved searches. Open a User Page to see someone's latest tweets and favorites. Tap on the tweet's time or reply-to to show The Conversation, which shows the chain of replies. Activate the All Stars mode to see everyone you follow and automatically show individual tweets. It's a Twitter screensaver! HelTweetica was created by Thomas Alvarez, Lucius Kwok, and Jeff Soto. The All Stars mode was created at iPadDevCamp NYC, April 2010. The full source is available.

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