Current Version Version: 1.105 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
Author Jibbigo LLC
Price $25.00
Description Jibbigo-Iraqi is a bi-directional (English<->Iraqi), natural speech-to-speech translation app for your iPhone 3Gs or iPod 3G, that lets you converse with a speaker of another language through spoken language. It does not require an internet connection to operate and does not send your private data to a server unless you explicitly ask it to do so.

Jibbigo is not a dictionary and not a phrase book, but a speech translator: You simply speak a sentence in English or Iraqi into Jibbigo, and it speaks the sentence aloud in the other language, much like a personal human interpreter would. Jibbigo also shows the recognition and translation in English and Iraqi as text on the app screen, so you can be sure your translation is accurate to what you spoke.

Jibbigo is bi-directional; it translates a spoken sentence from English to Iraqi or from Iraqi to English for a two way dialog between English and Iraqi speakers (Bi-directional operation is available on iPhone 3GS and iPod 3G only. Older iphone models, 3G phones and iPod Touch run uni-directionally. PLEASE NOTE the translation still works in both directions in both languages.). Best of all, Jibbigo runs completely on your iPhone and does not connect to remote servers via data-communication links. There are no connection delays, no roaming charges and no disconnects! That means your pocket interpreter does not disappear on you during foreign travel when you need it the most.

To use Jibbigo: simply hold down the record button and speak. Then let Jibbigo translate and speak the translation aloud. It’s really that easy. For a brief introduction on how Jibbigo works, please see our video at Jibbigo is a general speech translator, i.e., not limited to a list of preprogrammed phrases. However, it does assume that the user only speaks one or two sentences at a time. Jibbigo has a general vocabulary of ~40,000 words, but it has been tuned to the communication needs of international travelers or medical doctors.

In case of recognition errors, missing words, or mistranslations, Jibbigo also provides adaptation and error correction techniques (please see our website for details) Languages: English (US-/European- accented), Iraqi.
Other languages available on the AppStore.
Requirements: Bi-Directional configuration is currently compatible with iPhone 3GS and most recent iPods only. Operation on older model iPhones, iPod Touch is possible, but unidirectional (user selects language direction) and slow.

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