Current Version Version: 2.0.1
Author Andrei Kolev
Price $1.00
Description The World Clock can be used as a clock or as an interactive time zone converter. It displays the local time in up to 24 locations, selected from a database with more than 192 000 populated places from more than 230 countries around the world. To use as time zone converter, scroll the "night" on the map. Features: • Attractive real-time Earth day-night map • Display 1 to 24 clocks • 3 clock designs - 2 analog and 1 digital • Selected places shown on the live map • Clock faces change from dark to light based on user-selectable criteria: - light during the day (after sunrise), dark during the night (after sunset) at each location - light during the business hours - light before noon (AM), dark after noon (PM) - other options, including custom selectable hours • Option to display additional information, e.g. digital time with analog clocks, GMT offset, time difference, true solar time, sunrise, solar noon and sunset times for the selected locations (displayed only when the iPad is portrait-oriented) • The scrollable map turns The World Clock into interactive time converter for different timezones • in-app help • Uses industry-standard daylight savings algorithm and database • Database with more than 192 000 populated places from more than 230 countries around the world • Search by typing city name using native or alternative spellings Timezone conversion tips: • Swipe along the map and scroll to evaluate the times in different places for the current date. • To return to normal mode, double-tap the map or wait 10 seconds until The World Clock returns to clock mode automatically. Search tips: • Select the country first, then the city. • You can use alternative spellings. For example, Istanbul (Turkey) can be searched also as "Istambul", "Carigrad", "Konstandinoupolis", "Tsarigrad", among others. • You can use native spelling. For example, you can type the Cyrillic "Москва" for, Moscow (Russia), or the transliterated "Moskva" Time conversion example: You are in Denver, Colorado and need to attend a conference call with Paris, France. The call is scheduled at 5 PM Paris time. To find out the time in Denver, including any daylight savings that may apply, make sure you have clocks for both Paris and Denver displayed. Use the clock icon in the left side of the tab bar to remove, add or reassign cities for the clocks. Then swipe along the map and scroll until the Paris clock shows approximately 5 PM. The time shown by Denver clock is the local time you are looking for. The tab bar title at the top will show the time remaining till 5 PM, Paris. Note: The display of the clocks is valid for the current date. At later date, different daylight saving may apply.

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