Current Version Version: 1.2 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
Author RnD Precision Imaging Inc
Price $3.00
Description Don’t leave your safety to chance. Get RESCUE, the app every iPhone in the world should have! Endorsed by paramedics, fire fighters and police officers, this is the smartest investment you will make. Fully compatible with iPhone OS3 and OS4. RESCUE app provides piece of mind for you and your loved ones, that you will get HELP during an emergency, wherever you are in the world! (requires local cellular connection and 3G/Edge or Wifi) Whats in version 1.2 - Increased precision on GPS mapping display - Updated Worldwide Emergency Number database - Bug Fixes - OS4 Compliance *** REQUIRES RE-ENTER SETTINGS RESCUE: - Simple slider motion to contact emergency services and launch RESCUE app (all functionality requires connection and access to local cellular and 3G/Edge or Wifi networks) - Automatically detects new country and inserts appropriate local emergency number - Sends 4 sms/email messages to your contacts with an emergency message and location - Provides your emergency call back number in case you have a private or blocked number - Loud piercing alarm to warn bystanders, predators, or yourself, that the RESCUE app has been activated - Hyperlinked messages to Google maps so your location is instantly known - 60 second countdown to automatically call emergency services, in case you cannot - Ease of operation during emergencies NO monthly fees, NO setup fees, NO activation fees, NO maintenance fees. Developed by an Automobile Accident Investigator and former Air Ambulance and Commercial Pilot. RESCUE is essential during medical emergencies, personal safety situations, robberies, automobile accidents, attempted abductions, industrial accidents, natural disasters, outdoor activities or extreme sports. Features of the RESCUE app are: - Loud piercing audio alarm - Dual Geo-location backup - Auto countdown timer - Automatic program of Emergency Services Number from a database of over 200 countries or regions - GPS location accuracy to just a few meters or feet (dependant on sky availability, cellular and satellite coverage) - Auto-dial emergency services on cellular network - Preloaded with10 global WIFI or 3G/EDGE-activated SMS - Sends your location to emergency services number and 4 personal contacts - Sends your chosen call back number to emergency services number and 4 personal contacts - Notification when you have changed country or region - System Test ability - Compatibility with Enhanced (E-) Emergency Services YOUR USE OF THIS REAL TIME ROUTE GUIDANCE APPLICATION IS AT YOUR SOLE RISK. LOCATION DATA MAY NOT BE ACCURATE. Do you need to know your exact location when driving in case of an accident? Do you travel to different cities around the world on business and need access to the local emergency number? Do you walk to the bus, or your car, and think your personal safety may be a concern? Do you have a loved one, or older parent, who may need to notify medical services? Do you have a child, and need that peace of mind, knowing they can call for help when they need it? If you answered YES to any of these questions, the RESCUE app is a “must have” on yours, and your loved ones, iPhone. When an emergency happens, every second counts. Mobile phone users should be aware that the emergency numbers 112 or 911 do not work in every part of the world, or for every mobile network. Claims that 112 or 911 will work even if there is no mobile phone signal and will automatically divert to a satellite phone system are false. Visit our website for an instructional video showing the superior functionality of the RESCUE app. Get RESCUE.

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