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Price $1.00
Description Convenient traffic monitoring right on your iPad!

Rated an Apple "Staff Favorite" and one of the most popular navigation apps around the world! Now the original traffic app for iPhone is available on the iPad.

Based on your current location, or any other location you configure, Traffic will retrieve the current traffic conditions in the area and display them on a map or in a customized listing. Easily switch back and forth between map view and list view to monitor all of the traffic around you.

Choose the order that traffic items are shown, the severity, and how large of a search area to cover.

Each traffic item contains detailed information about the incident, and can be shown on a map so you know exactly where the traffic is located.

Traffic makes mobile traffic monitoring simple and convenient!


- Traffic information, provided by Yahoo!, is available in most metro areas across the United States, but is not available everywhere. Please email support to check if your area is supported.

- This app only includes coverage in the Unites States.