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Description ★ Featured by Apple in New & Noteworthy, What's Hot, and Staff Favorites worldwide TypeDrawing is a really easy app to use, but it's perfect for creating TYPOGRAPHY ART and UNIQUE WATERMARK over your photos. If you love typography, this poetic visual art app is absolutely yours. Start by typing a sentence you want to say, and then just draw with your finger. This simple action leads you to make stunning typography arts and wallpapers. Of course, every screenshot is made only with TypeDrawing for iPad. It's your turn :) ● SEE MORE DETAILS: ● CHECK OUT USER-SUBMITTED VIDEOS: - (by American) - (by Japanese) ● SEE WHAT USERS SAID: "Ultimate type illustration app! It's a joy to use and blazingly fast. The features are well thought out and the limit is your imagination only. - by Rajkumar Nagarajan, US "This app is phenomenal! Prepare to see the typography artist in you make some incredible art! Simple, elegant, stunning all in one. Create images that TRULY communicate a beautiful message in gorgeous font and color. Worth every dime!" -by ljbrown238, US "Oh my gooooosh I love this app, it's very intuitive and I wish "CS" had something like this. It's great quick and easy for professional designers" - by MoocMook, US "If you're a designer, this will make your heart beat faster." - by CupO'Joe, US "i'm a graphic designer and I think this is the best apps ever!!!!!!!! my 4 years old daughter loved it too…." - by MUNK MEG, US "Just really fricken cool! I got it for the kids, but I'm playing with it more than they are. Amazing and fun." - by Aimeesue, US "Amazing app, so simple to use and professional results. I use it to overlay my shop name on photos to make wallpapers. Brilliant. Thank you." - by iPhone Man, UK "Making an entire picture out of words is awesome. In addition the ability to add creative text to photos. ... The ability to play with text as a visual medium, more than just to convey meaning, is a true delight!" - by ThreeThumbNinja, Canada "Even not knowing draw, you get fabulous results. Excellent entertainment." - by yannich, France ● MAIN FEATURES: ✔ TEXT - Every Language, Unicode, and Emoji support - All texts you've typed are saved automatically ✔ FONT - 51 Fonts & Random Font / Size & Tracking - Option of Varying font size by finger speed (Draw faster to make bigger text, Draw slower to make smaller text) ✔ COLOR - Full color support by standard Color Wheel - Random color & Shadow option ✔ BACKGROUND - White, black, and Photos - Photo Opacity Control ✔ EYEDROPPER - use Eyedropper button or Tap & Hold anywhere to enable Eyedropper ✔ ZOOMING - Zooming & Panning with two fingers - Double tap to quickly zoom in or out ✔ EXPORT - JPG to Photo gallery - PNG(1200x1600) or PDF to iTunes - Replay the whole process of painting ✔ MISC - Tap to hide or show toolbars - Support for any device orientation - Undo & Redo (10 levels) ● Join the Flickr: ● Follow us on Twitter: @HansolHuh ● Support: Please email if you have any problems or questions.