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Description Featured in the recent iPad TV ad "Learn". This is the best integer practice app or program I have found in 34 years of teaching math. - Tim Seiber, Math Teacher MathBoard is a stunning app for teaching addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems. The number of customization options available make this a brilliant app for making math fun for elementary school children. MathBoard has charm without losing track of its fundamental purpose (Arithmetic drills). - MacWorld (4 out of 5 mice) MathBoard is a fantastic math learning tool for your iPad. -- MathBoard is appropriate for all ages from kindergarten (with simple addition and subtraction problems) to elementary school where learning multiplication and division can be a challenge. You can control the range of numbers you want to work with, the amount of questions you want to answer and even assign a time limit per quiz. MathBoard will make learning math fun. MathBoard features: - Random problem generation (up to 250 questions per quiz). - Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Squares, Cubes and Square Roots - Number ranges are configurable from -9999 to 9999, including the ability to require certain numbers to be in each problem. - Intelligent "wrong" answer generation makes guessing more difficult. Includes the ability to omit negative answers. - A quiz can be timed, and timing can be set as a countdown timer or elapsed time. - A quiz can be saved making it simple to replay a similar quiz or the same quiz at a later date. - Wrong answers are reviewable with both the incorrect and correct answer visible (and equation displayed). You can even generate a quiz from just the wrong answers. - Problem Solver for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division will explain the required steps to solve these types of problems. - Quick reference math tables for Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication. - LanSchool EdApp certified. - Supports VGA/HDMI/AirPlay Output.