Current Version Version: 1.3 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
Author Neon Play Ltd
Price Free
Description Download the FreeAppADay Store App and wish for more top rated paid apps like Flick Football to become FREE for a day! The most addictive flick soccer game ever! Get the global number one sports smash. GET FLICK FOOTBALL SUPER SAVE! The follow-up to Flick Football. This time, you're the goalie and you need to save the striker's shots! Available now on the App Store. Swipe your finger to curve the ball around the wall. It’s simple to play, but a real challenge to master and you’ll be totally addicted to the numerous game modes. Compete using Game Center with global leaderboards and over 20 achievements. ---------------------- "The game is so damn addicting that I think I’m David Beckham!" "Definitely my favorite flick football/soccer game." "It's a blast! This game is ultra-addictive, a wonderful challenge and a nice overall presentation. The commentary is great and the game reeks of professionalism in creation." ----------------- FLICK FOOTBALL GAME MODES ***** THE BIG GAME ***** You’ve got three lives and you’ve got to score as many goals and points as you can. Hit the icons for bonuses and point - how long can you last?! ***** SUDDEN DEATH ***** How many levels can you get through? It gets harder and harder with more defenders and tougher angles. ***** VS THE CLOCK ***** You have one minute to score as many goals and points as possible. Hit the icons for more points. ***** TARGET PRACTICE ***** Practice makes perfect and in this mode, you just keep on flicking from different angles. It doesn’t matter if you miss, just keep having fun! ***** HOW TO SCORE LOADS OF POINTS ***** Get the ball as close as you dare into the corner of the goal. 100 points max. Keep scoring, because continuous goals increases your multiplier up to 10x each goal score. ***** COMPETE AGAINST THE WORLD ***** There are live leaderboards via Game Center. Plus there are over 20 tricky, but fun achievements to complete! This game is made by Neon Play, the UK-based mobile games studio. The game is launched with our friends at Like us on Facebook for free promo codes & competitions - Join us on Twitter -

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