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Price $2.00
Description Enjoy your time in the sun without having to worry about getting burned.
Safe Tan lets you know when it's time to move to the shade.

Safe Tan provides real-time location aware information on weather and UV radiation from the sun.
Combine this with your age and sunscreen protection level to get the maximum healthy sun exposure time.
Also included is a useful timer to alert when you should leave the sun.

Safe Tan is your helpful guide in the sun!

- Automatic weather and UV radiation for your location
- Support for multiple skin types and age groups
- Alarm function to alert you when it's time to leave the sun
- Recieve a phone call or use another app without interupting the alarm (ev countdown/timer)

Some user comments:
"Before Safe Tan I never had any idea on how long the kids could stay on the beach. Now I do. /Father of three"
"This cool app is really helpful since I tend to fall asleep while sunbathing on the beach. Now I'm notified when it's time to get into the shade!"

Coming up in the next version of Safe Tan:
- Forecasts! Find out what sunscreen to pack for the weekend.
- Support for iPhone OS 4

Disclaimer: The maximum healthy exposure to the sun varies on individual basis and actual situation. The recommendation from this application can only be seen as a guideline and not as a guarantee, implied or otherwise.