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Price Free
Description Calling all Couch Potatoes, TV Addicts and Saturday Afternoon Movie Marathon Watchers!

Or, anyone who’s ever wondered “What’s On TV Tonight”… is your personal assistant for your TV-going experience and will help you find great TV shows and movies to watch on your iPhone, TV, the Web and iPad.
No more endless channel surfing, missed shows or watching the same movie for the 10th time. is easy to use – in fact, you already know how to use it because its just like watching TV – only easier, less complicated and with better results

Download it today and see why is taking TV to the next level.

With, you will:

* Receive personalized real time TV and movie recommendations based on what you like to watch
* Watch movies and TV trailers straight off your iPhone,
* Be matched with more content to watch on TV, the Web and iPad
* Create your own watch list and set reminders so you never miss your favorite show again
* Write reviews and share what you are watching with friends on Facebook and Twitter

A special bonus for iPhone users – you get early access to our online private beta located at – same login information – and all the great features of mobile.