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Description => Imagine being able to chose any delicious meal to eat -- right now. Instantly get OVER 40,000 recipes on this App. This is not the most marketed recipe App, but it does include thousands upon thousands of recipes from dozens of classic cookbooks and also many highly respected chefs. If the entire “Ultimate Recipe Cookbook” App was sold in book form, it would have over 40,000 pages and likely cost over $550. Here’s what you get: • Ultimate search feature: Most recipe tools let you search ONLY by recipe name. But here, you can also search by recipe name or by ingredients. So, if you’re unsure what you want to eat, you can just type a few ingredients that you have and “presto!” You will then see a variety of recipes that include your ingredients. This is helpful if you don’t know the exact recipe you want, or you just want to try something a bit different. • Featured: Get recipe ideas by seeing many of the recipes others are enjoying right now. Browse through thousands of extraordinary recipes from dozens of unique cultures. • Share: You can share the recipes you love by emailing a recipe or adding it to Facebook. • Recently viewed: The last 20 recipes you viewed will be listed on your iPhone or iPod Touch. • Favorites: Favorite as many recipes as you want so you can have that tasty recipe again or share it with others. Download the “Ultimate Recipe Cookbook” instantly.