Current Version Version: 3.0.
Author skobbler GmbH
Price Free
Description For iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 (NOT the iPod touch) --- “If free is more your flavor, Skobbler offers Turn-by-Turn voice navigation and a healthy dose of features like iPod integration, automatic continuation after calls, and take-me-home functionality” ~MacWorld “If the price tags of the fancy schmancy nav apps made you think you’d never have street-level turn by turn directions on your iPhone… … Skobbler’s worth a look!” ~Gizmodo “In the USA, Skobbler, the OpenStreetMap-based turn-by-turn navigation/GPS app, is a huge win for what may well be the future of navigation apps: open source mapping.” -TouchMyApps *Skobbler: The Freedom to Find Your Way* Skobbler is the first TRULY free voice-assisted turn-by-turn navigator to offer true street level navigation like those overpriced giant GPS company apps you have been eyeing but don’t want to shell out the hard cash for. Oh you have heard the *FREE* story before and then been caught by an in-app purchase that made you upgrade to keep using it or the need to subscribe after 30 days? Not Skobbler. Skobbler is free. No in-app purchase, no subscription. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE??? No… you didn’t wake up in an alternate universe this morning. Skobbler is free because it uses the revolutionary OpenStreetMap (OSM) mapping system. OSM is an open source mapping system that was created by over 255,000 consumers (and growing), often referred to as the Wikipedia of maps. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? We won’t lie: Because the map is created by users, there is a chance that especially the more rural of you will find that you are not in a fully mapped area. Thankfully… you can fix that! The Wikipedia-like setup of OpenStreetMap allows you to improve the map yourself. When you recognize an error on the map, you can directly report it from the Skobbler app for correction to the OpenStreetMap community. If you want, you can even edit the map yourself with one of the popular OpenStreetMap web editors. It’s up to you to contribute to the creation of the greatest map out there in the areas that matter the most to you. Because of all the user input, OSM can easily become the most accurate street map in the world! It’s Wikipedia all over again. Get a market-leading navigation app for free: Skobbler has been the best-selling navigation app in "car country" Germany for more than six months. Skobbler is IMMEDIATELY READY FOR NAVIGATION. Skobbler downloads the necessary maps during each use: therefore it only uses a tiny share of your iPhone’s storage capacity. You can instantly start navigating and use the unused space for other apps, music or photos. Included in Skobbler: - high-quality turn-by-turn GPS Navigation - choice between 2,5D bird eye's view and 2D map display - intuitive operation - precise audio-advices - visual turn-guidance - always up-to-date OpenStreetMap at no extra cost - map bug reporting tool - integrated iPod control for playback during navigation - day- and night-mode for the map display - automatic continuation of navigation after incoming calls - dedicated pedestrian navigation - take-me-home functionality - money left over for a latte Please note that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. *About Skobbler* Skobbler is a young team with a mutual past at premium navigation specialist NAVIGON AG. The Skobbler company was founded during a spin-off in 2008 and has been developing its very own software for mobile phones ever since. Skobbler strives to offer smart products that provide orientation and fun on the OpenStreetMap. !!! Traffic regulations and current road situations always precede Skobbler’s directions!!! Please visit or for more information.

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