Current Version Version: 2.0
Author Midnight Beep Softworks
Price $10.00
Description Midnight Inbox Touch is the most faithful iPad implementation of GTD. And it's gorgeous. This professional grade task manager is your trusted system everywhere your iPad goes. Keeping on top of things hasn’t ever been easier: • Collect notes quickly with just a tap, beautifully • Process those ideas like a ninja: send to someone else; make a list; defer, incubate, or file • Organize and import text lists for easy adding from other sources • Review everything in your life for today, this week, and the future • Do: make the best choices of what to get done, see what you can do given your context, location, perspective, and more MORE FEATURES: – Create a new action, list, folder, calendar, or view with one tap (the + button) – The Process popover routes your notes and ideas into your system – Robust task and list options including start and due dates, recurrence, alarms, hierarchy, label colors, file numbers, and more – Subtasks are created easily just with three taps – Sublists are easy too! Projects within projects are handled with grace and simplicity. – Sync to other iPads via Wi-fi, MobileMe iDisk, or any WebDAV server – Unlimited email support (let us help you set up your GTD system: – Delegate text checklists via email to anyone with a tap – Simple reviewing and schedules keep you on track German, French, Italian, and more languages are in the works. Syncing with the Mac desktop version and with the iPhone version will be added when the desktop version 2.0 is available (a free update for licensed Midnight Inbox Classic users). Got questions? Feedback? Please email at or @midnightinbox on Twitter.

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