Current Version Version: 1.0
Author Rage Digital Inc.
Price $3.00
Description We all take notes - somewhere. The iPad is the perfect device to collect our thoughts and organize our notes, but the apps available all leave something to be desired. HelvetiNote™ is here to simplify and improve your notetaking experience. HelvetiNote™ was designed and built specifically to fill a void in the iPad app market, and offer us all a purist and more enjoyable means of collecting our thoughts. HelvetiNote™ offers a refined set of functions specifically intended to optimize iPad notetaking. For starters, notes taken within HelvetiNote™ are set in Helvetica. We've integrating a drawing and erasing tool so we can supplement our written notes with visuals. Both written notes and hand drawn notes are optimized for email. HelvetiNote™'s navigation hierarchy is organized and minimized while screen real estate is maximized. Notes are managed via Helvetinote™'s collapsible Notes Panel while the note-taking user interface is easily customized through the Themes Panel. An elegant and well designed notes app has finally arrived, it's called HelvetiNote™ HelvetiNote is a trademark of Linotype Corp.

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