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Description Routines app is checklists for the repeated tasks and chores in your life. Use Routines app to keep track of you recurring tasks, keep them from cluttering your calendar, email and other todo lists. With build-in daily, weekly, monthly and yearly checklists, Routines app makes it easy for you to follow your tasks and serves as reminders to the important todos in your life. ■ Overwhelmed by routine houseworks? Use Routines to keep track of the chores and never miss a thing again. ■ Need to cultivate good habits? Use Routines to ensure you are 'doing it' until it becomes a habit. ■ Learning a new skill? Use Routines to setup recurring period for the learning and practice. ■ Always miss your monthly report deadline? Use Routines to remind you of the important tasks at hands. Keep recurring tasks separate from your big todo list and calendar with Routines. Download Routines and find out how this approach has helped others to focus better and improve their productivity. ✭✭✭✭✭ OUR USERS SAYS "We use routines at work to standardize the day. This app is exactly what I needed to stick to my routine and remain accountable for my work. Love it." "The perfect app for creating a routine for home, work, anything! Don't waste money on other apps!" FEATURES ✓ Enter recurring tasks into one of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly checklists. Keep routine tasks separate from your calendar and other todo lists. ✓ Tap the list title on the top navigation bar to toggle different list views. Each list has different views with different grouping of the tasks. ✓ Easily add context to tasks. Define your own context and use it to organize your tasks, for example separating todos for home and for work. Each task can be assigned to one context. ✓ Tags are keywords that help describe the tasks. Assigned one or more tags to each task. Define as many tags as required to suit how you organize your lists. ✓ Tap on the filter bar below the top navigation bar to filter the list display by context and/or tags. ✓ Highlight Current feature gives a background color to tasks that fall within current period. For Daily checklist, the period is current hour. For Weekly/Monthly/Yearly checklist, the period is current day. ✓ Auto-Highlight will color task title in orange for tasks that fall within a range from current period. You specify the range from the app settings. ✓ Turn on Read-Only Mode to lock editing/creating new tasks. This prevents accidental error and gives peace of mind when your routine tasks are all in place. ✓ Create up to 3 alerts to send you notifications minutes/hours/days before the task or on the date of the task itself. Requires iOS4.0 and above in order to receive notifications. ✓ Publish your routine tasks to the Calendar app and view the schedule on Calendar app together with other events and appointments. ✓ Routines is an universal app optimized for iPhone/iPod touch and iPad, the same app work for all iOS platforms. ✭✭✭✭✭ Contact for support and enquiries. We have no way of contacting you if you post an issue as a review. Visit for guide and detail info. Visit for FAQs.