Author Generic Company Place Holder
Price $1.00
Description Ruler's like digital measuring tape; it's designed for measuring big things.


• Refined function, easy to use.
• Measure anything, even if it's huge.
• Precise: The plastic blue marker enables pixel-precise measurements.
• Convert: Slide the marker to the desired length, then tap either "inches" or "centimeters" to convert between systems of measurement.
• Copy & paste measured values. Just tap the marker.

Carefully crafted with the highest quality virtual wood, you’ll love Ruler. No trees were harmed.

Step by step: Measuring something larger than your iPhone/iPad

1. Line up the left edges of Ruler and the object.
2. Swipe Ruler to extend it by a screen.
3. Move your iPhone/iPad a screen's length to the right.
4. Repeat steps 2&3 until you can align the blue marker with the right edge of your object.


"You fire up Ruler, and your iPad is now a wooden ruler. It’s so simple and well realized I feel stupid for not having thought about this myself."

"Ruler turns your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad into an easy-to-use and visually appealing digital ruler. The app sports just enough features to make measuring large and small objects a breeze."

"Using the app is simple and intuitive. Pop it open, lay it down next to the object you wish to measure, and BAM, there you have it… an accurate measurement."