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Price $2.00
Description Quick, useful, unlimited high quality audio recording, gorgeous UI and easy to operate, "Voice Recorder HD" is a must have app for your iPad and iPhone. It is a high quality recorder for business man, audio professional, sound engineer, journalist and anyone else who needs to manage voice memos. Key Features: ・ Unlimited recording time (Tested up to 8 hours) ・ Background recording (You can open other app while recording) ・ Ability to configure audio quality ・ Share voice memo by email ・ Share and backup recorded voice memo over the iCloud ・ Upload into Dropbox ・ Auto save recording while interrupt by incoming call ・ Transfer audio files to computer(PC/Mac) using USB (iTunes require) ・ Recorded audio file can play on any Operating System ・ Tagging voice memos ・ Quick and simple to use ・ Universal binary (iPad and iPhone version in a single application). ・ Supports external mic to record long distance sound(Tested with iRig Mic). This feature is ideal for sound engineer, vocalist and journalist. You will love to open this gorgeous app in front of your business clients or colleague during meeting.